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How does blockchain technology impact real estate business models?

  • The article covers different segments or real estate value chain: 3rd party services, investment, and management of real estate. It starts with distributed ledger technology to store land titles in mature and emerging markets, decentralized real estate markets and tokenization of tangible assets until Decentralized Autonomous Organization managing range of real estate assets. It highlights use cases with different level of complexity and market maturity, starting with more ready to market and ending up on prospective projects.

  • Real estate is a complex industry, regulated and characterized by a lot of asymmetric information, prone to moral hazard and behavioral uncertainty. Blockchain technology can bring transparency to the industry, eliminating some of its intermediaries, importing new actors and redistributing forces.

  • Overall, this article emphasizes the fact that society shifts towards more decentralization. Existing business models frameworks will be impacted and platforms currently running the centralized internet weakened. Traditional organizations should embrace technological progress and collaborate with complementary services providers using emerging technologies. Blockchain combined with overall technological progress should help the industry in facing current global challenges.


Photo recognition: Unsplash users @samuelzeller @danielkcheung @tangcindy @the_alp_photography

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