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How to become a member of Deep.Circle

Deep.Circle Community

The Deep.Circle is about bringing together the best people, technologies and ideas, to developand scale DeepTech champions based in EU. All members share the same principals:

- Responsibility for their actions

- Engagement with the community initiatives

- Make things happen mindset

- Awareness of societal and environmental issues

- Collaboration and support among community members

- Hands-on attitude

Members are entrepreneurs, investors and  decision-makers out of industry, legal, research, politics and institutions that have a strong focus on making things happen and speeding them to market.

Deep.Circle wants to retain and engage its members and to attract potential new ones through the different events, projects, initiatives and challenges that are organized under the Deep.Circle label.

Because our vision is to create a valuable and engaged community of deeptech lovers; to become part of this great community one have to apply for it.

Why become a member?

Being a member of the Deep.Circle will grant you access to more specific and in-depth information about deep technologies. Furthermore, it will easy you the access to other members that may be potential collaborators for your project. On the other hand, you will have to provide your support, know-how and experience to our community. It is always a give & take relationship.

If you are a STARTUP working with deep technologies, then we encourage you to let us know about you and become part of the community.

How to apply to be a member?

To apply for becoming part of such special and motivated community you just have to fill in this formular with some basic information and wait for our reply. We love referrals (invitation only) so don't forget to mention if someone already member knows you, it is a trustful way of getting to know you a bit more and it would almost ensure you the entrance into our beloved community.

Quite simple!

See formular

Thanks for applying! We will get back to you soon.


You think you can / want to contribute to one of the current projects? 


You feel a hands-on hero & want to start a project related to a Call for Action?

If you want to be up to date with the latest news, just subscribe to our newsletter! 

Photo recognition: Unsplash users @sabine_van_straaten @tchompalov

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