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Taking Responsibility for DeepTech in Europe 


Around 50 entrepreneurs, investors and  decision-makers out of industry, legal, research, politics and institutions meet for the Deep.Circle. It is an event in which critical issues related to deep technologies are discussed. The particularity of a Deep.Circle is that afterward the participants take personal responsibility of certain call for action, building this way a strong and supportive community.


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Latest Event
AI Deep.Circle '18
AI Deep.Circle Aftermovie - 05.06.2018
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On June 5th 2018, 50 entrepreneurs, investors, decision-makers out of corporates, legal, research, politics and institutions met to work on 3 dimensions (Ethics, Education and Competitiveness) on the theme "Taking responsibility for AI in Europe". This was followed by a networking event (AI Summer Night '18) with the Berlin AI ecosystem.

As a result of this event, 9 call for action arose under the umbrella of these three priorities:

  • Need for a common definition for AI Values in Europe

  • Need to better align education in schools with deep tech requirements and better attract and retain talents also from outside europe

  • Fostering a thriving ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence in Europe


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