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Tognos Deep Machine Learning GmbH

Tognos Deep Machine Learning GmbH







Machine Learning, Neural Networks y Image Recognition

Focus areas:




Pavel Mayer, David Siegel, Gerhard Anger


Number of employees:

2 - 10



Total founding:

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Short description:

As veterans of the information technology industry the Tognos founding team packs over fifty years of combined experience, applying and extending latest research in the hottest fields of computer science for over three decades.

Their motto “Make Things Work” summarizes both their dedication to replace tedious human work by automation and to build practical solutions that work.

As a German company they focus on the economic sectors that have made Germany an industrial powerhouse and leading export nation: The automotive and mechanical engineering industry.

Their vast experience allows them to build products and solution that comprise highly efficient scalable networked systems integrated with intelligent mobile apps and state-of-the-art user interfaces.

After fifty years of over-promising and under-delivering the field of artificial intelligence has finally reached a stage of maturity, enabling practical and cost-effective solutions for information processing problems that have been reserved for human cognition and decision making.

Their vast in-house collection of software and training data and experience in training deep neural networks for detection, classification and understanding of image-, video- and natural language data allow them to process big data in ways that have not been possible in the past.

They are working with German leaders in the automotive and mechanical engineering industry and welcome inquiries to work on joint projects and product development in these and related sectors.

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