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Local Motors

Local Motors




United States of America



Additive Manufacturing, Co-creation, Micro-manufacturing, Vehicle Innovation, Crowdsourcing, 3D Printing, Engineering

Focus areas:




John B. Rogers


Number of employees:

51 - 200



Total founding:

Last funding type:

Series B/C


Fund Size:

Investment Stage:


Short description:

As a technology company that designs, builds and sells vehicles, Local Motors doesn’t just dream about the future, it dares to build it. Local Motors utilizes its growing system of microfactories, rather than gigantic megafactories, to build small, just-in-time batches of vehicles through direct digital manufacturing, the process of using software to map, create, and edit designs. This allows Local Motors to make its ideas big and its footprint small, reducing the need for capital and decreasing its environmental impact.

Local Motors operates under the belief that co-creation (the process of open collaboration for the design and development of vehicles) and micro-manufacturing can change the world of transportation. Local Motors operates a growing global network of microfactories, where each destination is a place for innovators to create amazing products and consumers the opportunity to marvel and shop. Local Motors has rallied a global network of inspired innovators ready to confront the world’s most formidable challenges. These dreamers and doers have brought to life a portfolio of vehicles, including Olli, the world's first cognitive, self-driving shuttle. Their creative potential is launching a new industrial revolution. Local Motors offers this unique software as a service platform known as Launch Forth, to offer the power of co-creation and micro-manufacturing to select partners, including GE and Airbus, looking for manufacturing agility and boundless creative potential.

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