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Airbus Ventures

Airbus Ventures


Paris, France + Silicon Valley, USA


United States of America



Menlo Park, California

Mobility, Security, Future of Flight, Aerospace

Focus areas:


January 2016



Number of employees:

2 - 10



Total founding:

Last funding type:


$ 150 mio. (Silicon Valley branch)

Fund Size:

Early stage, Seed

Investment Stage:


Short description:

We are a fast-moving, intensely curious early-stage investment group. We seek exceptional, inspired founders from around the world who will set the course for ground-breaking innovation in mobility, security, and the future of flight. Our vision is to continuously ignite interest in the wonder that is aerospace.  Airbus is in our DNA, from our legacy of innovation and industry expertise to our global network. It is an asset to every company we fund, if and when they want it. Yet we operate with autonomy and trust, from the investments we make to the technologies they develop; we independently support entrepreneurs with unique ideas, plans, and structures. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley and Paris and fund start-ups across the globe. We are a valuable, efficient, and energetic partner to those who recognize that advances in aerospace will impact all life on Earth and beyond.  We welcome hearing from founders working hard to transform any facet of our industry. From urban air mobility, to connected fleets, to digital development and manufacturing, to advanced energy and propulsion. Quite literally, there is no limit.

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