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Thomas Andrae



Areas of expertise:

Venture Capital, Advanced Mobility, Business Strategy


Linden Capital


Founder & Managing Partner

Portátil y de café

Short bio:

After his studies in Computer Science and Economics, Thomas spent ten years in management consulting, predominantly in North America and Asia.
Thomas possesses a unique understanding of consumer behavior and the modeling of customer-centric ecosystems, as well as deep experience in driving companies from the earliest stages through periods of rapid growth. He believes in the democratization of technology as a benefit and cornerstone to modern society.

After starting his own company and successfully selling it seven years later to a Fortune 500 company, he started building the Venture Capital business for 3M corporation, 3M New Ventures. In close collaboration with the leading global technology companies and the relevant Venture Capital funds, 3M New Ventures built a strong portfolio of cutting edge material science and technology startups.

As Founder and Managing Partner of the Venture Capital firm Linden Capital, he is focusing on early stage investments at the interplay of technology and creativity, focusing on areas like machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, advanced mobility, advanced manufacturing, as well as advanced food and nutrition concepts.

As Chief Strategy Officer of an MIT/ Boston-based advanced automotive startup, he works on the current paradigm shift in mobility systems and services, establishing new ideas in advanced robotic propulsion systems, new battery chemistry, and fast charging systems.
Thomas holds various advisory and supervisory board seats, e.g. with Continental’s digital/ future mobility division.

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