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Sven Schmeier



Areas of expertise:

AI, Computational Linguistic, Research




Associate Head of Language Technology Lab

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Short bio:

Dr. Sven Schmeier is the Associate Head of Language Technology

Lab of DFKI consisting of more than 30 researchers, engineers and consultants at different levels.


Sven was and still is active in the seed phase of high tech companies:


  • XtraMind GmbH in 2000 – Sven was responsible for the AI Core Engine based on Machine Learning. This company has been bought by the Palo Alto company Attensity Group. Today XtraMind still exists under the name Sematell

  • semgine GmbH in 2005 – Founded by Dr. Martin Hirsch who is now Chief Science Officer of Ada. Sven was the head of research and has designed and built the NLP Core of semgine.

  • Yocoy GmbH in 2007 – Founded by Prof. Hans Uszkoreit, Dr. Feiyu Xu, and Sven which has been bought by the Beijing Company AITC Ltd in April 2018. Sven was the CTO and responsible for the development of more than 30 Apps which still exist. Just search for Yocoy in the AppStores.


Sven studied physics and computer science at Saarland University from 1989 to 1997 and graduated by receiving a Diplom (MSc). His PhD-Thesis in Computational Linguistics is about „Exploratory Search on Mobile Devices“.


In 2004 he received a Patent: Verfahren zum automatischen Klassifizieren eines Textes durch ein Computersystem (A method for automatically classifying a text by a computer system), number 10210553, Deutsches Patentamt.


Sven has extensive experience in data mining and machine learning, human- computer dialog systems, information extraction, semantic search, big data analytics, question answering and mobile applications of NLP technologies. He has successfully led more than 15 national and international projects in research and industry.


He has broad and in-depth experience of the total cycle of innovation in his expert areas from basic research, to development, to products, and their commercialization.

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