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Pavel Mayer



Areas of expertise:

AI, Machine Learning, Automotive


Tognos Deep Machine Learning



Portátil y de café

Short bio:

Pavel Mayer is a German computer scientist, politician and entrepreneur with decades of experience in all kinds of interactive digital media. He works with internet technology since the late 1980s, with Virtual and Augmented Reality since 1990. He is also an expert in machine learning, artificial neural networks and applied cryptography. He worked on projects for at least half of the DAX-corporations, in particular for the automotive, aerospace, health-care, finance and telecommunication industry. He (co-)founded and headed companies like ART+COM Studios (a media lab), Datango AG (E-learning), Hoccer (secure messaging) and Tognos GmbH (Automotive Machine Learning). As a politician, Mayer served as a member of the Berlin parliament on committees for economy, energy, the Berlin secret service and the committee overseeing the state owned corporations. Mayer is the main inventor on over ten international patents and is still actively involved in software development.

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