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Martin Schallbruch



Areas of expertise:

Cyber Innovation, Cyber Scurity, Research


Digital Society Institute


Deputy Director

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Short bio:

Martin Schallbruch is the Deputy Director of the ESMT Berlin’s Digital Society Institute (DSI) and Senior Researcher for Cyber Innovation and Cyber Regulation. His research focuses on issues of cyber policies, cyber security and regulation in cyberspace. At the nexus of technology and law, he advocates a strategy of digital sovereignty, keeping and extending the ability of individuals, businesses and governments to act in cyberspace without unwanted dependencies.


As a longtime Director General for Information Technology, Digital Society and Cyber Security in the Federal Ministry of the Interior Martin Schallbruch has largely designed the Digital Agenda of the Federal Government. He developed and implemented several government programs and legislative proposals on the digitization. In his team the German National Cyber Security Strategy and the IT security act were developed and implemented.


Martin Schallbruch is a member of supervisory and advisory boards. He is a lecturer for IT security law at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He has published over 30 articles on questions of legal and administrative computer science, IT security and public ICT. In 18 years of his work for the government he gave over 200 speeches, lectures and interviews on issues of ICT, digitization and cyber security. He has recently written the books “Schwacher Staat im Netz” (Springer) and “Cybersecurity in Germany” (Springer, forthcoming).



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