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Markus von Fuchs



Areas of expertise:

IP, Law, Smart Cities


SKW Schwarz



Portátil y de café

Short bio:

Markus is Managing Partner of SKW Schwarz, a leading independent law firm with about 130 lawyers and 5 offices in Germany. SKW Schwarz is a full service law firm which focuses on all issues related to digital change, disruptive technologies and innovative business models as more than 50 % of its lawyers are active in the fields of IP, IT, Digital Business, Technology and Media.  

While SKW’s offices are located in German business hubs, it operates globally with TerraLex, one of the largest legal networks with law firms in more than 100 countries and more than 19,000 lawyers worldwide.

Markus advises in intellectual property law, in particular in competition, patent, and trademark law as well as on the protection of know-how and the structuring of open innovation processes. He advises companies on creating, protecting and commercially exploiting their know-how and intellectual property, for example through licensing, sales and distribution models, research & development and cooperation agreements. Markus also acts for many of his clients as a legal design thinker in developing and introducing new technologies and business models and as a strategic adviser for complex technology projects.

He is also Co-head of SKW’s multidisciplinary Smart City group and Co-head of the Technology and Digital Business Industry group with TerraLex.

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