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Joerg Bienert



Areas of expertise:

AI, IT, Investment




Founder & Managing Director

Portátil y de café

Short bio:

Joerg Bienert  is Founder and Managing Director of 'aiso-lab GmbH', based in Cologne.

He studied computer engineering, and had several positions in the IT industry, i.a. at Accenture, before he founded 'empulse GmbH' a consulting company for digital workplace solutions. Later, in 2011 'ParStream' was founded with focus on developing a database technology for real-time big data analytics in the IoT environment. After receiving venture capital from well-known US investors, Joerg moved to Silicon Valley where ParStream was acquired by Cisco in 2015. Today, with 'aiso-lab GmbH' he brings Artificial Intelligence to German SMEs and offers training, workshops and project implementation based on deep-learning technologies. He also is co-founder and president of the German Association for AI.

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