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David Monteau



Areas of expertise:

DeepTech, Entrepreneurship, Data Science, AI




Chief Marketing & Development Officer

Portátil y de café

Short bio:

David Monteau is the Chief Marketing and Development Officer of Skopai, a startup founded in July 2017. Skopai is an Innovation Intelligence platform delivering high quality information to help users identify and analyze startups of interest worldwide. Skopai uses Data Science and Natural Language Processing to collect massively and monitor available data on the whole web regarding startups.


Prior to Skopai, David has been the co-founder and director of La French Tech, a program of the French government to support French startups. In a four-year period, the French startup ecosystem has been one of the fastest growing in the world, La French Tech spread the startup culture across France and gained worldwide recognition for the French ecosystem. La French Tech is now an established international community of entrepreneurs and a global brand.


Previously David was Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer at Inria, the largest public Research organization in Europe dedicated to Computer Science, with a deaflow of 20+ DeepTech startup projects every year.


David holds a Master of Engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Paris. His first professional experience back in 1999 was within a biotech startup applying Support Vector Machine techniques on gene expression data.

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