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Taking Responsibility for DeepTech in Europe 

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Deep.Circle supports the development of future Deep Tech Champions in Europe

A network of individuals focused on bringing Europe to a more competitive position, speeding innovation in deep technologies to market

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Upcoming events from our community: Dec. 2021

Organizer: La French Tech Berlin
Location: The Embassy of France in Berlin

Initiated by President Emmanuel Macron, the Scale-Up Europe initiative focuses on four key drivers: talent, investment, startup-corporate collaboration and deep tech. Gathering a select group of 150+ of Europe’s leading tech founders, investors, researchers, corporate CEOs and government officials around the same goal: accelerate the rise of global tech leaders born in Europe, in the service of both progress and technological sovereignty.

"We want more European tech giants!"

- Emmanuel Macron, French President

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Upcoming events for our community: Deep Tech Days

Organizer: Deep.Circle members
Date: *Nov. 30 - Dec. 3, 2021
Location: Paris

Hello Tomorrow is a mission-driven global organisation that aims to accelerate the transfer of deep technologies to solve some of our most pressing industrial, environmental and societal challenges. With 72 representatives in 30 countries and local offices in 6 countries, Hello Tomorrow initiates and propels collaborations between the world’s most promising projects and leading entrepreneurs, executives and investors, to bring breakthrough technology to market. The annual Startup Challenge and Global Summit, as well as numerous international events all around the world, have become a unique platform to connect local deeptech ecosystems with a global innovation network.

"Unlocking the power of deep tech to solve our toughest global challenges."

*Originally planned for Q1, 2020

50 entrepreneurs, investors, decision-makers out of industry, legal, research, politics and institutions met for the AI Deep.Circle. It is an event in which critical issues related to deep technologies, in this case AI, are discussed. The particularity of a Deep.Circle is that afterward the participants take personal responsibility of certain call for action, building this way a strong and supportive community.

"Europe needs combined startup, industry & research oriented / collaborative actions to reach a better position on AI."

Deep.Circle heroes

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Smart cities leverage technologies and data analytics to increase efficiency in their construction, maintenance and management. Smart cities aim at improving its citizens’ life quality. Artificial intelligence could be the solutions for waste management, parking free spaces or optimal lightning.

This challenge will reward the best & most creative solution based on European public and private data sets.

Interested in participating or contributing, contact us!

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