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Eve Büchner


San Francisco, CA

Areas of expertise:

Entrepreneurship, Consumer Internet



Founder & CEO

Portátil y de café

Short bio:

Eve Büchner is an entrepreneur. Her well established networking and marketing skills go back to her days as a popular host and anchor in German TV. In 2011 she founded the Venture Capital Holding quantumReality GmbH where she serves as CEO to this day. In 2012, quantumReality became a founding member and majority shareholder of GmbH. Under Eve’s leadership as CEO of GmbH the company has grown to become a major international claiming platform. In more than 6 years of operation is now approaching its 100th million Dollar claim money. With customers from more than 155 countries is one of the biggest players in the claim compensation management market. In 2014 FT commended as a "Legal Industry Pioneer". Based on the strong business expansion Eve incorporated Group, Inc. in Palo Alto. In her new venture she is engaged with predicting flight delays via AI.

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